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Westland Facts
Westland is a bustling Wayne County community located south of Livonia and east of Canton. As it finds itself in proximity of many great Metro Detroit cities, Westland residents can still find the neighborly and friendly feel within their city. Westland is a little over 20 square miles in size and has a population of over 84,000 residents. Westland is located in an ideal spot in southeast Michigan especially for the commuter; the city is about 30 minutes from the heart of downtown Detroit and Ann Arbor, and less than 20 minutes from the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Westland History
Decades before settlers began living in the area of modern day Westland, this location was frequently visited by settlers and explorers heading westbound who wanted to trade with the local Potawatomi and Algonquian Native American tribes. People finally started settling in 1824 in what was considered Bucklin County which encompassed many of the cities in the area. From here, the transitions and identities of the territory changed as Bucklin County split, then changed names, then became a series of townships until cities like Livonia officially split away entirely. After 1835 and continuing to the end of 19th century, other cities such as Wayne, Inkster and Garden City followed the precedent set by Livonia and split away as well.

Westland, like nearby Canton, had its original name based on a Chinese city. Nankin, after the city of Nanking in China, was what this city was called until 1966 when Westland was finally adopted as the officially incorporated city name. Why Westland? It’s not because of its location in the western suburbs but rather because of the Westland Shopping Mall.

Westland Parks
From big to small, there are 19 different parks in Westland to explore including the Westland Historic Village Park. At this park, you can learn about the city of Westland, the history of Bucklin County and Nankin Township, and discover the origins of the Westland and Wayne County General Hospital which also became known as the Eloise Complex. Originally known as the Wayne County General Hospital, this complex which operated as early as 1839, was a poor house and a farm prior to its becoming a hospital and asylum.

Another great park in Westland, Michigan, is H2O Spray Zone Park which offers water features and sprays to help the kids keep cool in the summertime as well as play structures and a walking/jogging trail.

Other notable parks in Westland include:
•    Hix Park
•    Jaycee Park
•    Samuel J. Carado Park
•    Thomas H. Brown Central City Park

Westland Economy
In Westland, economic vitality is big. There are many companies located in Westland that are eager to watch the city thrive and have invested in a project called: The Shop & Dine District. This private investment has been praised by the government and has both local and national support. Some of these businesses include:
•    MJR Theatre
•    Target
•    Meijer
•    Westland Shopping Mall
•    Dynamic Diagnostics

Westland Pride
There is a lot to love in Westland and at Mike’s Door Service we love every opportunity to help the citizens of this great city make their homes more comfortable and beautiful. From a new entry door to match the upgrades on the home to a new sliding patio door to help open up their living room, the folks in Westland know they can count on us. Some points of pride in Westland include:
•    Westland is in the Top 10 Largest Cities in the state of Michigan
•    Westland is considered an “All-American City”
•    …as well as a self-proclaimed Compassionate City
•    The Westland government and its citizens support causes such as Relay for Life, Mission Green and a Biggest Loser-inspired weight loss regimen

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