Garage Doors Redford MI

Is your garage door having trouble opening or closing? Is it time for a new garage door or would you like an insulated garage door so you can work in a warmer climate during the cold winters? At Mike’s Door Service of Redford, we can replace, repair and install new garage doors. We have a professional and highly experienced crew ready to walk you through the process of finding the right garage door to meet your needs while ensuring it matches the aesthetics of your home.

If you are ready for a new garage door, we have catalogs and samples at our store so you can find the one that is right for you. We will even come out to your home to provide a free estimate for the cost of the work.

We Sell, Install, and Repair a Variety of Garage Doors
•    Insulated garage door
•    Windows
•    Steel garage doors
•    Wood garage doors
•    Aluminum garage doors

Customized Doors
There are plenty more to choose from and we would love the opportunity to help you make your decisions. With friendly and helpful sales and service, you can trust Mike’s Door Service to provide a high level of customer service just as we have done since our founding in 1996. All of the orders are made to size so that it fits your garage perfectly and we have a variety of window and hardware options to help match the look and feel you want for your home.

Reliable Service
Very often when you get service from a garage door company they send out a subcontractor. Not with Mike’s Door Service. Our crew compromises of highly-trained and skilled employees with experience going back over 40 years. Our reliable service has garnered consistent business through word of mouth, referrals and plenty of great online reviews. 

Garage Door Openers
If you need a garage door opener installed, repaired or replaced, give Mike’s Door Service a call and let’s see how we can help you. We use reputable and high quality garage door openers to ensure you have easy access getting into and out of your garage. Of the many issues that can affect the integrity of your garage door opener, simply explaining the problem over the phone can lead to the right diagnosis. In fact, we can sometimes walk you through the process of a minor fix so that you do not have to schedule time or spend the money for someone to come out and work on your garage door and garage door opener.

Common Garage Door Problems
Some common garage door and garage door opener problems consist of the door only going up a few inches. This mostly likely is the result of a broken spring. On the other hand, if your garage door won’t come down or close, it could be a safety sensor issue and we can possibly guide you into remedying the situation.

Always Honest and Dependable
We stand behind our service with a one-year labor warranty and only use manufacturers who stand behind their work as well. At Mike’s Door Service, we want you to have a great customer experience and we would love the opportunity to serve you.

When you are looking for a company with decades of experience and a history of great customer service working with garage doors in Redford MI, you will want to give Mike’s Door Service a call.