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When you need reliable and professional garage door and garage door opener installation and repair for your Northville MI home, give Mike’s Door Service a call. We have been serving Northville, Michigan, and the surrounding area since 1996. Through word of mouth and glowing reviews on sites like Angie’s List, we have continued to provide excellent and expert service to a variety of homes in the Metro Detroit area.

Northville Facts
The city of Northville is unique because it is located in both southern Oakland County and northern Wayne County; however, Northville Township is completely in Wayne County. Just north of Plymouth and west of Livonia, both the city and the township of Northville is a combination of a bustling little community with a charming downtown atmosphere and a thriving big box stores, specialty stores, restaurants, businesses and more attracting folks from all over. The city of Northville is only 2.2 square miles in size but the whole of Northville Township expands to more than 16 square miles with a total population of over 34,000 residents between the two.

Northville History
In 1823, the first land patent was granted however it was not until two years later that settlers from New York and parts of New England began settling and purchasing land in the area. Northville was originally a community within Plymouth Township but eventually split off to form its own township toward the end of the 19th century. Northville was first incorporated as a village in 1867 and, nearly 100 years later, officially became a city. Many of the streets throughout Northville are named after some of the prominent early settlers including:
•    Rufus Thayer Jr. (Thayer Blvd.)
•    Joseph Yerkes (Yerkes St.)
•    Samuel Cady (Cady St.)

Like many cities in the Metro Detroit area, the main economic driving force in the twentieth century revolved around the automotive industry. Henry Ford decided to build and operate a valve plant which was in operation for nearly 50 years. The Northville Valve Plant provided the valves for every model of Ford, Mercury and Lincoln during that time. Although the plant no longer operates, the building is still in use as it was turned into business office space.

Northville’s Sports History
Since 1944, live horseracing in downtown Northville at the Northville Downs has been a draw for local sports bettors. Today, Northville Downs features a simulcast system allowing its customers to place bets on nearly 400 active races around the country. In 1939, before the establishment of horseracing at Northville Downs, it was famously where Joe Louis had trained before winning the World Championship that year.

Northville Businesses
Downtown Northville is filled with many charming boutique stores and locally owned restaurants. Northville is also home to Parmenter’s Cider Mill; a true staple of the community. Serving fresh cider and warm donuts each fall, Parmenter’s Cider Mill has the distinction of being the oldest, continuously operating business in the city. Paramenter’s Cider Mill opened in 1873 and has recently expanded to include the Northville Winery and Brewing Company.

Northville Schools
Northville features one of the best academic programs in the area. The Northville Public Schools serve over 7,000 students in Northville as well as portions of Novi, Lyon Township, and Salem Township. Recently, Northville High School was ranked as the 227th best school in the United States out of over 26,000 high schools and was considered the 5th best high school in the state. The Northville Public Schools has:
•    6 elementary schools
•    2 middle schools
•    1 high school 

Downtown Northville Events
Along with stores, restaurants and the Northville Downs, Downtown Northville hosts some great festivals throughout the year. In the wintertime, there is the Christmas Parade and, in January, there is the famous Chili and Salsa Cook Off accompanied by ice carving. There are also art fairs and farmers markets in the summer for picking up everything from fresh agricultural products to items made by local artisans.

Trustworthy Door Service
Northville is filled with many Victorian era homes and charming houses stretching out from the downtown area. Regardless of the style of your home, you can trust Mike’s Door Service to help you find the right style garage door, patio door, entry door or storm door to complement the look and feel of your house. Our professional crew will ensure all doors are installed properly and to size and have the matching hardware to help make your home look beautiful.

Are you looking to upgrade the doors in your home? Give Mike’s Door Service a call and discover why so many Northville residents choose us for the installation and repair of their doors.