Entry Doors Redford MI

At Mike’s Door Service, we have a highly experienced crew ready and able to install, replace and repair the entry door of your home. Serving Redford and the surrounding metro Detroit area, Mike’s Door Service is your go-to company when it comes to ensuring your entry door complements your house and helps adds a visually welcoming aspect to your home. Whether there has been storm damage or it is simply time for a new door, we have the capabilities of helping you make your home look and feel great.

If your entry door is showing signs of age and wear or you just want a new door, give Mike’s Door Service a call for more information.

Benefits to Replacing the Entry Doors
There are many benefits to replacing or installing a new entry door in your home:
•    Greater energy efficiency
•    Reduced chance for leaks
•    Can increase the value of the home
•    More durable

Professional Service
We are confident that we can provide the highest level of service to you and we back all of our labor with a one year warranty. With combined 100-plus years of experience amongst our crew, you can trust that Mike’s Door Service will deliver the very best. All of our employees work for Mike’s Door Service; we do not use subcontractors because we want our customers to feel comfortable knowing that we are a locally owned and operated company employing professionals.

Trusted Products
On top of that, we get all of our entry doors, storm doors and parts from reputable and reliable manufacturers and companies who also guarantee the integrity of their work. We have been purchasing doors from companies like Lumbermen’s and Fox Aluminum for a long time and we trust their doors to look beautiful and work well for years to come.

Customized Entry Doors
The entry doors needed for homes vary considerably in size depending on the style of the structure. When you purchase a new entry door or storm door through Mike’s Door Service, we will ensure that we match the hinges and door knobs with the home and that the door itself is fitted appropriately. There are also many homeowners who want to paint the door themselves so it matches a look they are striving for while others have the color and style already figured out. Whatever you decide, we can accommodate your request and help you choose the best door for the best value.

Storm Doors
Storm doors are a great addition to the home and can provide a lot of benefits to both the look and the economy of the home. In the summers, a storm door allows for a cross breeze to keep the home comfortable as well as add natural light. It can also keep the home cooler when the doors are closed and protect it against storm damage. In the winter, a properly installed storm door can help combat the frigid temperatures and howling winds so your house is more energy efficient.

Skilled and Experienced Crew
When you contact Mike’s Door Service for a free estimate, our sales team can provide you with various catalogs featuring multiple styles of entry doors and storm doors as well as displays in-store so you know exactly what you are getting when you are ready to make your decision. Do not let just any door company install your entry door and storm door, our skilled and professional crew will ensure your doors are properly installed so that they not only look great but also prevent drafts and protect the home.

Call Mike’s Door Service for installation, repairing and replacing your entry door and storm door, and discover why so many customers recommend us to their friends and family.